Conscience et Qualité de Vie

According to the Five-Factor Personality Model, consciousness is one of the five personality traits and includes six facets: striving for achievement, deliberation, dedication, order, self-discipline, self-efficacy.

A very conscientious individual will demonstrate determination, ambition, diligence, the belief in having the ability to achieve goals, to be organized, to work hard and to sacrifice immediate pleasure for satisfaction and satisfaction. long term success.

Do you know anyone like this? Or maybe you just recognized yourself in this description?

Good news then: Consciousness is consistently linked to better health, a more successful career, a stable and favorable financial situation, and even a longer life.

Indeed, the trait of conscience systematically guides everyday attitudes, motivation and behavior orientation in a very goal-oriented manner. But don't make the mistake of thinking that very conscientious people are just driven by dry, pure ambition: for such people, achievements are appreciated in light of the sacrifice and effort that they involve. If you are very conscientious, you don't expect important results to be easy to achieve, and neither do you look for shortcuts; you accept the hard work involved. You also tend to take better care of yourself, and those you love, by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding potentially self-defeating choices.

When paired with meaning and purpose, awareness is a powerful weapon of resilience: the prospect that commitment and perseverance will result in a better future, better quality of life, and greater satisfaction in life. life, will always guide an individual on a path of growth and positive transformation. In the face of adversity, self-efficacy in particular has been linked to a problem-oriented coping style and resourcefulness. Self-efficacy consists of believing that one has the capacity and internal resources necessary to achieve certain results.

Behaviors associated with consciousness extend to all aspects of life: taking initiatives and participating proactively in opportunities to promote change in areas deemed significant, or in areas involving particularly dear values, is as well as conscientious people take responsibility and control over what is important to them.

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By Federica Cinosi from Eidynwell