Logistique respectueuse de l'environnement

At FitMarket, we care about the planet and sustainability is at the heart of our business. We examine every detail in order to make the best decisions that suit our customers and the climate: packaging, origin, logistics, etc. 

In addition, we are aware that CO2 emissions have a negative impact on the environment and that it is one of the causes of global warming. We work hand in hand with companies that are in line with our values. 

That's why we are happy to announce our new logistics partnership with @planzer. 

For Planzer, sustainability includes the ecologically correct management of resources. It is a long-term entrepreneurial vision that guarantees an economically and socially healthy future for us and future generations. 

Rail transport, electric truck and CityLogistics 

They organize the transport of goods with different modes of transport in order to optimize the environment and resources. Today, around 60% of transport is carried out on rail, which produces low emissions. Within the framework of CityLogistics, the deliveries are grouped during collection throughout Switzerland, then transported by train overnight to the municipal railway center, where they are sorted again and distributed by truck, electric truck, small vehicle or cargo bike on short delivery trips specific to each district. Their urban drivers always make the same circuit, so that they know each site, each neighborhood road, each customer and each particularity surrounding your delivery.

On our side, you can have your boxes full of healthy products delivered the next day and we know that they are treated with care. 

For more information, see Planzer's sustainability report.