Outil de Traçabilité FitMarket

Great news! 🎉

Our traceability tool is online !! With a first product: the coffee from GreenWheel Coffee !

By scanning the QR code (or by going directly to the product page on our site) you will discover the journey of the product from the origin of its ingredients to its marketing on FitMarket!

A few years ago, our team realized that the food industry was sorely lacking in transparency; it is therefore increasingly difficult for consumers to trust the labels and the information provided.  

This is why we wanted to remedy this by creating a technology blockchain-based. With the help of IBM Blockchain and Woza Labs, we were able to set up an easy-to-use and instinctive tool that allows full transparency in the journey and manufacture of the product.

Ultimately, we want all the products on our eshop to be as transparent and detailed. Our site will be optimized to accommodate this information and transmit it as clearly and honestly as possible.

We are working very hard, hand in hand, with our suppliers, to give you access to this information as quickly as possible!