Organic lemonade with lime and gingerOrganic lemonade with lime and ginger
Organic Mango and Tangerine LemonadeOrganic Mango and Tangerine Lemonade
Organic lemonade with Orange and PomegranateOrganic lemonade with Orange and Pomegranate
Swiss Kombucha - Strawberry, Cherry, MintSwiss Kombucha - Strawberry, Cherry, Mint
Organic Ginger ConcentrateOrganic Ginger Concentrate
Swiss Kombucha - Lime, Edelweiss, MintSwiss Kombucha - Lime, Edelweiss, Mint
Swiss Kombucha - Raspberry, GingerSwiss Kombucha - Raspberry, Ginger
Swiss Kombucha - NatureSwiss Kombucha - Nature
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Organic Matcha teaOrganic Matcha tea
Organic Matcha tea
18.90 CHF 21.90 CHF
Vegetable Milk with Peas Special BaristaVegetable Milk with Peas Special Barista
Vegetable Milk with Peas Without SugarVegetable Milk with Peas Without Sugar
Lausanne Kefir with VerbenaLausanne Kefir with Verbena
Matcha Latte with Lion's ManeMatcha Latte with Lion's Mane
Organic Matcha teaOrganic Matcha tea
Kana Relax InfusionKana Relax Infusion
Organic Grape JuiceOrganic Grape Juice
Organic Apple and Pear JuiceOrganic Apple and Pear Juice
Lausanne Kefir with Apple and PearLausanne Kefir with Apple and Pear
Organic Apple and Mint JuiceOrganic Apple and Mint Juice
Organic Raspberry Lemon KombuchaOrganic Raspberry Lemon Kombucha
Spices For Organic CoffeeSpices For Organic Coffee
Organic Ginger Concentrate - ShotOrganic Ginger Concentrate - Shot
Organic Green Tea Ginger KombuchaOrganic Green Tea Ginger Kombucha
Organic Lemon Ginger JuiceOrganic Lemon Ginger Juice
Organic Tomato JuiceOrganic Tomato Juice
Organic Peppermint Green Tea KombuchaOrganic Peppermint Green Tea Kombucha
Organic Lemongrass Hibiscus KombuchaOrganic Lemongrass Hibiscus Kombucha
Cold Brew - Ultra PremiumCold Brew - Ultra Premium
Cold Brew - PremiumCold Brew - Premium
Chai Livity InfusionChai Livity Infusion
Cordyceps Mushroom CocoaCordyceps Mushroom Cocoa
Cocoa with Reishi MushroomsCocoa with Reishi Mushrooms
Lausanne Kefir with VerbenaLausanne Kefir with Verbena
Spices For Organic Golden MilkSpices For Organic Golden Milk
Sweet Dream InfusionSweet Dream Infusion
Lausanne Kefir with VerbenaLausanne Kefir with Verbena
Yerba Mate with Lime and RaspberryYerba Mate with Lime and Raspberry
Peach and Raspberry Yerba MatePeach and Raspberry Yerba Mate
Lemon and Lime Energy DrinkLemon and Lime Energy Drink
Red Berry Energy DrinkRed Berry Energy Drink
Organic Lemon Vanilla Ginger JuiceOrganic Lemon Vanilla Ginger Juice
Organic Lemon Lemonade (in a can)Organic Lemon Lemonade (in a can)