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Organic SpirulinaOrganic Spirulina
Save 50%
Organic MacaOrganic Maca
Organic Maca
7.90 CHF 15.90 CHF
Organic acai powderOrganic acai powder
Save 29%
8.50 CHF 12 CHF
Save 14%
Organic Matcha teaOrganic Matcha tea
Organic Matcha tea
18.90 CHF 21.90 CHF
Organic Chia SeedsOrganic Chia Seeds
Matcha Latte with Lion's ManeMatcha Latte with Lion's Mane
Save 25%
Magnesium Malate
Magnesium Malate
15 CHF 20 CHF
Organic Matcha teaOrganic Matcha tea
Save 50%
Hemp protein
Hemp protein
7.50 CHF 14.90 CHF
Lion's Mane Mushroom ExtractLion's Mane Mushroom Extract
Raw Organic Cocoa PowderRaw Organic Cocoa Powder
Save 50%
Organic GuaranaOrganic Guarana
Organic Guarana
8.95 CHF 17.90 CHF
Reishi Mushroom ExtractReishi Mushroom Extract
Chaga Mushroom ExtractChaga Mushroom Extract
Vegan probioticVegan probiotic
Vegan probiotic
From 17.50 CHF
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Save 19%
Nutrisorb D3 & K2
Nutrisorb D3 & K2
22 CHF 27 CHF
Organic Cocoa Protein ShakerOrganic Cocoa Protein Shaker
Organic Spirulina PowderOrganic Spirulina Powder
Save 19%
Mega EPA
Mega EPA
23.50 CHF 29 CHF
Cordyceps Mushroom CocoaCordyceps Mushroom Cocoa
Cocoa with Reishi MushroomsCocoa with Reishi Mushrooms
Save 50%
Yellow Pea ProteinYellow Pea Protein
Yellow Pea Protein
7.95 CHF 15.90 CHF
Organic AstaxanthinOrganic Astaxanthin
Organic Red Berry Protein ShakerOrganic Red Berry Protein Shaker
Organic Maca PowderOrganic Maca Powder
Organic Maca Powder
From 12.50 CHF
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Raw Organic Cocoa Bean ChipsRaw Organic Cocoa Bean Chips
Organic Raspberry Breakfast PowderOrganic Raspberry Breakfast Powder
Save 50%
Organic Rice ProteinOrganic Rice Protein
Organic Rice Protein
8.45 CHF 16.90 CHF
Shiitake Mushroom ExtractShiitake Mushroom Extract
Save 11%
Turmeric curcumin
Turmeric curcumin
42 CHF 47 CHF
Save 20%
TRÄD: organic baobab powderTRÄD: organic baobab powder
TRÄD: organic baobab powder
9.90 CHF 12.45 CHF
Organic MacaccinoOrganic Macaccino
Spirulina Powder for Organic RecoverySpirulina Powder for Organic Recovery
Organic Hemp SeedsOrganic Hemp Seeds
Organic Raw Cocoa Breakfast PowderOrganic Raw Cocoa Breakfast Powder
Organic Acai PowderOrganic Acai Powder
Energy Gel - Honey, Almond & LemonEnergy Gel - Honey, Almond & Lemon
Regeneration Shaker - Swiss ChocolateRegeneration Shaker - Swiss Chocolate
Multi Protein Shaker - Royal Milk TeaMulti Protein Shaker - Royal Milk Tea
Apple Cider Vinegar - Fire Cider FlairUpApple Cider Vinegar - Fire Cider FlairUp
Apple Cider Vinegar - Fire Cider OriginalApple Cider Vinegar - Fire Cider Original
Apple Cider Vinegar - Fire Cider ImmuTangyApple Cider Vinegar - Fire Cider ImmuTangy