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Roasted Chickpeas with Dark ChocolateRoasted Chickpeas with Dark Chocolate
Rosemary CrackersRosemary Crackers
Rosemary Crackers
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Grilled Chickpeas with Sweet ChiliGrilled Chickpeas with Sweet Chili
Vegetable Milk with Peas Without SugarVegetable Milk with Peas Without Sugar
Energy Bar - Peanut ButterEnergy Bar - Peanut Butter
Energy Bar - Apple CinnamonEnergy Bar - Apple Cinnamon
Grilled Peas with Sea SaltGrilled Peas with Sea Salt
Grilled Chickpeas with Sea SaltGrilled Chickpeas with Sea Salt
Energy Bar - Salted Caramel ChocolateEnergy Bar - Salted Caramel Chocolate
Protein Bar - White Chocolate & RaspberryProtein Bar - White Chocolate & Raspberry
Organic Cocoa Protein ShakerOrganic Cocoa Protein Shaker
Organic Chia SeedsOrganic Chia Seeds
Cocoa and Date Breakfast MixCocoa and Date Breakfast Mix
Roasted Peas with Dark ChocolateRoasted Peas with Dark Chocolate
Raw Organic Cocoa PowderRaw Organic Cocoa Powder
Preparation for Organic Lentil PattiesPreparation for Organic Lentil Patties
Grilled Peas with Paprika and ChiliGrilled Peas with Paprika and Chili
Fig and Coconut Breakfast MixFig and Coconut Breakfast Mix
Organic Hemp SeedsOrganic Hemp Seeds
Spirulina Powder for Organic RecoverySpirulina Powder for Organic Recovery
Organic Wild PeanutsOrganic Wild Peanuts
Organic Red Berry Protein ShakerOrganic Red Berry Protein Shaker
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Organic Hemp GranolaOrganic Hemp Granola
Organic Hemp Granola
15 CHF 19.50 CHF
Protein Bar - Double ChocolateProtein Bar - Double Chocolate
Organic Raspberry Breakfast PowderOrganic Raspberry Breakfast Powder
Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast MixApple and Cinnamon Breakfast Mix
Organic Penne Pasta with Red LentilsOrganic Penne Pasta with Red Lentils
Organic Maca Vanilla Breakfast PowderOrganic Maca Vanilla Breakfast Powder
Organic Hemp Breakfast PowderOrganic Hemp Breakfast Powder
Organic Raw Cocoa Breakfast PowderOrganic Raw Cocoa Breakfast Powder
Organic Green Lentil LasagnaOrganic Green Lentil Lasagna
Multi Protein Shaker - Royal Milk TeaMulti Protein Shaker - Royal Milk Tea
Regeneration Shaker - Swiss ChocolateRegeneration Shaker - Swiss Chocolate
Protein Porridge - Red FruitsProtein Porridge - Red Fruits
Preparation for Organic FalafelsPreparation for Organic Falafels