Our story

We offer a catalog of organic, ecological, no added sugar, nutritious, local products as often as possible and with a positive impact. Our goal is to make the best possible selection for our customers so that they can take care of their health while having fun while eating!

Our values

Nature is part of our essence. Through our actions, we try to have a neutral or positive impact on the environment. This is also why the origin of the products we offer is very important to us. We know that foods contain nutrients that promote optimal health. Their origin is therefore a necessary element to guarantee our customers effective inputs.

Our products

Fit Market products have been carefully selected to meet three criteria: good for you (without refined sugars or added sugar and vegan), energizing and delicious (dried fruits, raw products, superfoods) and respectful of the environment (organic, without palm oil, local as often as possible).

Our partners

We ensure that the values of our suppliers are aligned with ours: healthy and gourmet products, ethical processes, a positive environmental and social impact. We prioritize local small and medium-sized businesses and engage deeply with them. We know that they develop better quality food.

Our mission

Finally, our mission is to inform, promote and support a healthy lifestyle, with the goal of overall well-being. Our vision of well-being is 360°C: it includes physical activity and nutrition as pillars, supported by holistic therapies for mental health, stress management, sleep and personal development.

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