From the start, we wanted to commit to taking care of the environment. The first action, which we still maintain, was to help reforest degraded forests in southern Argentina through the NGO Reforestarg. They are responsible for collecting the seeds, making and caring for the seedlings, and then planting the trees. Through this action, we seek to protect land and water, offset the carbon footprint, curb exotic species and conserve biodiversity (SDG 13/15). In accordance with the 3Rs, "Reduce, Recycle and Reuse" , we incorporate elements made from discarded materials, recovering and reusing what is discarded by industry (SDG 13). Other climate actions, in the same line of the 3Rs, are the reuse of boxes suppliers for certain shipments accompanied by a legend on the box so that the customer appreciates the gesture. We sort the waste we produce in the warehouse and in our offices (SDG 15). In turn, the initiatives we take towards this goal help care for the oceans by minimizing the traffic and use of plastic. We want to discuss this issue with suppliers so that those who do not yet or cannot do so can work with biodegradable and non-toxic packaging (SDG 14).

With all this, we want to work to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. We are also interested in measuring our own carbon footprint. And we want to educate people who visit our networks to do so too (SDG 13).

this physique, this is what motivates us, because we thus promote the bases of a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. 

We help cure and correct many problems such as being overweight or sedentary, which in turn lead to other complications related to coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, accidents cerebrovascular disease, liver and gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, hormonal problems and certain types of cancer. And all of these diseases can be prevented with proper diet and exercise. 

There is an idea that healthy foods are more expensive than others. However, statistics show that this theory is not true and that the economy is generally not the big deal when it comes to buying food. In addition, eating a healthy diet prevents people from getting sick or suffering from symptoms and illnesses that lead to drug costs. 

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Everyone who works at FitMarket does an exemplary job that doesn't hurt anyone. We work for a better world, with more health, more well-being, more quality of life, by taking care of the environment, by doing good, by being united. On the other hand, we support the chain of work behind each product. This year, we have made a special effort to support small producers and cooperatives across the country that produce healthy and tasty food. It is also in our interest to keep food production active. 

We value even more brands that are run by women; and when it comes to incorporating new ones, that's a factor we take into account.