Our values

Nature is part of our essence. Through our actions, we try to have a neutral or positive impact on the environment. This is also why the origin of the products we offer is very important to us. We know that food contains nutrients that support optimal health. Their origin is therefore a necessary element to guarantee our customers effective supplies.


Our products Fit Market products have been carefully selected to meet three criteria: good for you (no refined sugars or added sugar and vegan), energizing and gourmet (dried fruits, raw products, superfoods) and environmentally friendly (organic, palm oil free, local as often as possible).



our partners

We make sure that the values of our suppliers are aligned with ours: healthy and tasty products, ethical processes, a positive environmental and social impact. We prioritize choosing small and medium-sized local businesses and we are deeply involved with them. We know they are developing better quality food.



Ultimately, our mission is to inform, promote and support a healthy lifestyle, with the goal of overall well-being. Our vision of well-being is 360 ° C: it embraces physical activity and nutrition as pillars, supported by holistic therapies for mental health, stress management, sleep and personal development.



At Fitmarket, we have a multidisciplinary team of nutrition and sustainability specialists to offer the best selection of products in the conscious market.

In each choice, we take into account product quality, nutritional analysis and sustainable practices. At the same time, we work with the best technologies to provide an easy, transparent shopping experience that meets the highest standards. Everything we do is based on holistic health care and responsibility to the planet and the society we are all a part of.

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