Organic Peanut Butter

5.90 CHF

They prepare and roast the peanuts to make the spread and give it that beautiful caramelized color. The smooth texture is the result of this preparation because there is no added sugar, oil or other fats. 

This product is organic, vegan, without artificial ingredients, without gluten, without lactose, without added sugars, without preservatives. 

Weight: 270g

To be eaten on toast, in porridges, smoothies or your cake recipes. For breakfast, as a morning or afternoon snack or for baking. 

Shelf life 1 year in a dry place.

Peanuts* (origin Egypt / 100%).

*products from organic farming.

Portion of 100g
  Quantity per serving
Calories 599 Kcal
Fibers 8,6g
Value 14,8g
Saturated fats 8,4g
Total fat 49,1g
Protein 26,1g
Sugars 5,9g
Energetic value 2 506 kJ

About the brand

Since 2016, at Go Nuts they believe that our daily food should be simple, natural and tasty. 

It is with these founding ideas that they design their products. They contain no artificial ingredients, only real food, all made responsibly and locally in Lyon.

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