Caramelized Hazelnut Cookies (Organic and Vegan)

3.95 CHF

Thanks to organic almonds from Italy, these cookies are naturally sweet in flavor, provide fiber, protein and calcium. They are greedy and will bring you all the necessary nutrients to fill a small hollow without guilt! 

Also ideal for your children's snacks. Your greed is satisfied, your hunger is satiated and your health is preserved. 

Net weight: 100g

These cookies can be eaten for all your little munchies, at snack time and at breakfast, by all the gourmands, young and old.

Almonds* 35% (Italy), Coconut flower nectar*, Hazelnuts* (14.5%), Cassava starch* (Africa), Deodorized sunflower oil*, Cassava flour*, Psyllium*, Guérande flower of salt. 

*Ingredients from organic farming.

Portion of 100g
  Quantity per serving
Calories 555 Kcal
Fibers 6,17 g
Value 32,7 g
Saturated fats 3,33 g
Total fat 40,2 g
Protein 12,73 g
Sodium 0,53 g
Sugars 15,58 g
Energetic value 2323 kJ

About the brand

5 SANS, a start-up in foodscience, innovates in the field of organic, sustainable and responsible food, by proposing gourmet, healthy and "free" products to get out of the drifts of the food industry. 

Their differentiation lies in their ability to formulate and produce in their own workshop products based on noble and qualitative raw materials! Enjoy 100% natural and additive-free products.

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