Dark Chocolate with Ginger

9.50 CHF

It is the chocolate of the goddess of love, for a good reason: the divine meeting of chocolate and candied ginger. 

Delicious chocolate made in Geneva. 

Weight: 70g

Enjoy as a snack.

Cocoa mass 60% min, sugar, cocoa butter, ginger (sugar, water, powdered sugar, acidity regulator E330, E260), soy lecithin, Madagascar vanilla extract. 

May contain traces of gluten, milk and nuts.

Portion of 100g
  Quantity per serving
Value 19g
Calories 520 Kcal
Value 49g (including 29 g of sugar)
Value 31g
Protein 7g
Energetic value 2174 kJ

About the brand

For 25 years, David Paganel has worked as a pastry chef-chocolatier at 71 rue de Carouge.

In 2018, the store opens and a new production laboratory, dedicated to chocolate and accessible to the public.

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