Cold Brew - Special Reserve

4.20 CHF

Green Wheel uses freshly ground premium Colombian coffee beans and brews them for at least 12 hours in cold water. The result is then filtered three times, leaving an aromatic, naturally soft, smooth and silky finish.

This coffee is grown at very high altitudes, it is not usually common to find coffee above 2000m. A non-intensive planting method with only 3,500 trees per hectare, compared to 6 to 10,000 in other farms. Trees 27 years old, comparable to old vines in wine.

Weight: 25cl

Keep cool. Better tasting if the product is refrigerated.

Colombian coffee from Finca El Champú.

Portion of 100ml
  Quantity per serving
Value 55mg
Calories 4 Kcal
Value <0.5g (including <0.5g of sugar)
Value <0.5g (including <0.1g of saturated fatty acids)
Protein 0.6g
Value 0g
Energetic value 17 kJ

About the brand

The aim of Green Wheel is to surprise consumers with the extraordinary taste of some of the best and freshest coffees in Colombia.

This while creating a sustainable and fair business where producers can feel truly rewarded for the quality they produce and for the income they receive.

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