Organic cranberries

5.50 CHF

This product belongs to the blueberry genus and is also known to us as cranberries which are known for their antioxidants. It is considered very healthy for infections of the mouth, stomach and especially the urinary tract. 

It is rich in secondary plant substances, vitamins A and C and iron. 

Weight: 100g

To be eaten as a snack or in your salads.

Cranberries from controlled organic agriculture.

Portion of 100g
  Quantity per serving
Calories 350 Kcal
Value 81 g
Saturated fats <0,1 g
Total fat 0,25 g
Protein 1,41 g
Sodium 0.015 g
Sugars 62 g
Energetic value 1465 kJ

About the brand

Flores Farm aims to offer you sustainably produced raw materials of the highest quality and to promote a better future for the local population.

This brand has been present for more than 10 years in organic and natural food stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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