Healthy Snacks: Home Office Special Edition

49.90 CHF

Healthy snacks to eat anytime, anywhere, at home or in the office. Products and drinks without added sugar and rich in nutrients, which will meet all your needs: sweet, savory, and even spicy. Once you've regained your energy, you can focus on what really matters: resting, being productive, or spending time with loved ones.

Products List:

2 x Swiss apple snacks, 65g. The raw materials come directly from local farmers in the cantons of Vaud, Valais and Friborg. The apples are cooked at a low temperature, which retains all the vitamins.

2 x Organic granola to go, 60g. The glass container is practical because it fits in a pocket but also offers the possibility of pouring milk or yogurt.
3 x Crunchy peanut bars. Sometimes you really want something with a little more body. So we have chosen these nut bars for you.
Mixed roasted nuts, 100g. This nutritious, high-fiber treat may even help with weight loss, despite its high calorie count.
5 x 65/80% organic dark chocolate, 11g. Dark chocolate is a very nutritious and powerful source of antioxidants, it can improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.
Organic almond milk, 250ml. A good source of potassium which can be enriched with vitamins A, B-12 and D, as well as calcium. It contains as much protein as cow's milk, but is lower in calories.
Organic white grape juice GRTA (Geneva Region Terre Avenir) and BIO, 250ml. Pure white grape juice (Gamaret-Chasselas blend) pasteurized, without added sugar, preservatives or colorings. A 100% natural grape juice.

You will also find in your box:

A presentation and advice booklet
A surprise from one of our partners to take care of you
Please note, we reserve the right to replace certain products in the box (with similar items) in the event of temporary shortage of stock.