Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

18.90 CHF

It is a lime green colored oil, fruity and aromatic, with pronounced scents of fresh grass and tomato. A finish that allows you to discover the intense taste and the unique bitterness of quality extra virgin olive oils. 

Pal'Olivo is a traditional, family-owned olive oil made from Verdejas olives harvested in the Alcarria region, more precisely in Buendia, in the province of Cuenca. They harvest their olives as soon as they start to ripen to create a premium olive oil. 

The Verdeja is a variety of olives almost exclusive to this beautiful natural region, which they cultivate in extreme climatic conditions with very cold winters, very hot summers and arid soil at more than 700 m altitude. 

Vintage 2020-2021, harvested end of October 2020. 

Bottle of 500 ml.

Use this oil to perfect your vegetable dishes, salads and other dishes of Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.

Olive oil from Spain.

Portion of 100g
  Quantity per serving
Calories 900 Kcal
Value 0 g
Value 99.9 g (including 16 g of saturated fatty acids)
Protein 0 g
Value 0 g
Energetic value 3700 kJ

About the brand

Spain produces many olive oils, but there is one that stands out from the rest: Pal'Olivo oil from Buendia in the Alcarria region.  

Their century old olive trees produce a resistant and unique olive making Pal'Olivo oil an incomparable experience. An organic extra virgin olive oil thanks to a 100% natural and monovarietal Verdeja juice extraction.

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