Organic Ginger Lemon Honey Juice

12.90 CHF

This ginger juice mixed with honey allows for a softer and naturally sweet drink. 

All their ingredients are carefully selected, they are certified organic. The roots of Ginger or Rhizome come from Peru where they are cultivated in the respect of the rules of the fair trade. 

They attach great importance to the processing of their products. All Dame Ginger juices are cold-pressed to preserve the best of the ingredients and 100% of their benefits. 

Bottle of 33 cl.

Consume within 3 weeks once opened.

Organic ginger from Peru, water, organic lemon, organic flower honey.

Portion of 100 ml
  Quantity per serving
Value 0.03 g
Calories 63 Kcal
Value 14.75 g
Value 0.32 g
Protein 0.41 g
Value 0.01 g
Sugars 13.58 g
Energetic value 265 kJ

About the brand

At Dame Gingembre, they work primarily with certified ethical and organic producers. Their suppliers are local when possible. 

All their recipes are carefully elaborated, with the philosophy of adding the least amount of ingredients possible so as not to alter or spoil the taste of ginger while creating unique recipes for all taste buds.

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