Curcumangue Ginger Juice

15 CHF

The turmeric, ginger and black pepper complex is a very powerful aromatic blend. The black pepper enhances and accompanies the turmeric, while the organic mango, a special variety, veils the bitterness of this root, freshly pressed and in high concentration. This juice is a perfect balance between roundness, spiciness and sweetness.

Delicious pure or diluted in a sparkling water as an aperitif. And even a drop in a prosecco! For people with sleep disorders, it should be avoided in the evening because it tends to wake up. 

Weight: 500ml

Being a low temperature pasteurized juice, it can be kept for 4 months at room temperature as long as it is not tapped (the remaining conservation time will depend on the time elapsed between the day of manufacture and the moment of purchase). After this date, we cannot guarantee optimal quality. 

Once opened, it can be kept for 10 days in a cool place at a maximum of +5°C.

Organic apple juice (Switzerland), organic mango pulp (India), water, freshly squeezed organic turmeric and ginger juice (Peru, Fée d'Or quality, see our materials), fresh organic lemon juice (Sicily), organic black pepper extract (Vietnam).

Portion of 100ml
  Quantity per serving
Calories 52 Kcal
Value 11.8 g
Total fat 0.3 g
Protein 0.32 g
Sodium 0.03 g
Sugars 9.1 g
Energetic value 221 kJ

About the brand

Fée d'or works with fresh and unique products. 

Their fairies ensure a high quality control of these, from the culture to the sale. In a spirit of ecology, these juices are prepared with love and care, of the product and the method used, and this at each stage of production. These products will make you travel by their aromas of here and elsewhere ...

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