Lausanne Kefir with Apple and Pear

4.50 CHF

It is a fermented, refreshing and sparkling drink made from organic Swiss apple and pear juice. 

Alcohol free. Low in calories. No added sugar. 

Weight: 33cl

Keep in a cool place. Once opened, consume quickly. The presence of deposits at the bottom of the bottle is normal, even after filtration of the product. Do not shake.

Water, organic apple juice * (40%) (Switzerland), organic pear juice * (10%) (Switzerland), kefir cultures.

Portion of 100ml
  Quantity per serving
Calories 20 Kcal
Value 5g
Value 0g
Protein 0g
Sodium 0g
Energetic value 84 kJ

About the brand

Kosmos Drinks offers a variety of kefirs to match the seasons, to take advantage of the best ingredients as locally as possible. 

Their traditional kefirs contain almost no sugar, most of which is consumed in the fermentation process. These versions are made entirely cold and without pasteurization in order to retain all the health benefits associated with probiotics. 

Kosmos collaborates with different local producers and organizations for each kefir flavor.

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