Organic Eyelash and Eyebrow Regrowth Mascara

9.95 CHF

Sodina organic castor oil for long-lasting lashes. Visible results from 28 days! Organic castor oil stimulates growth, strengthens, fortifies, protects and nourishes lashes and eyebrows.

Vitamin E: natural preservative, it is also an outstanding antioxidant.

The mascara bottle is equipped with a brush for easy application, like your own mascara, and a wringer for economical dosing.

Simple and practical use: use the mascara brush of the castor oil bottle for eyelashes as you normally do when you apply makeup.

However, there are several tips to follow for good results: Make sure to remove your makeup before using this product.

To get longer lashes quickly, you should apply your castor oil for lashes daily for at least a month.

During the day, we often rub our eyes which can compromise the effectiveness of the care. Do it preferably before going to bed.

Apply your mascara brush from the base of your lashes to their tips. After applying your castor oil for lashes, you can gently massage your lashes for a better penetration.

The next day, in your bathroom, wash your lashes well to remove dust and excess oil that has not been absorbed by your lashes. Indeed, for a re-use of the mascara castor oil lashes, it would be better that your lashes are not obstructed.

If you put some in your eyes, don't panic, you will have a small burning or stinging sensation in your eyes but that's all. Just rinse them out thoroughly with water or apply saline solution.

Organic oil of ricin, vitamin E.

Contenant: 12ml
  Quantity per serving

About the brand

Founded in Geneva in 2016, Sodina was born from the initiative of a woman passionate about cosmetics and organic products.

This love for nature and its benefits, due to a childhood cradled by traditional care gave birth to the desire to convey this same passion through their care, by making organic accessible to all.

It is in this same line that it was imperative for them to offer their customers quality, cruelty free and vegan cosmetics!

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