Hemp protein

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It is obtained by cold pressing the seeds which are then crushed into a fine powder at low temperature (to ensure freshness and quality).

It is a complete protein that is highly bioavailable to the body with all essential amino acids as well as omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids thus reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Hypoallergenic, it is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians, vegans, athletes and sportsmen in general.

20% fiber Source of omega 3 and 6 90% digestibility rate 50% complete protein.

Weight: 250g

In smoothies, it mixes well and can be masked with orange juice and other juices.

Hemp protein can be added to your bread recipes, substituting no more than a quarter of the flour. Its strong flavor goes well with that of oats and whole wheat flour.

100% pure hemp protein powder from organic farming from France.

Portion of 100g
  Quantity per serving
Calories 341 Kcal
Alimentary fiber 20 g
Saturated fats 1 g
Trans fat -
Total fat 9 g
Protein 50 g
Sugars 3,2 g

About the brand

100% Swiss brand! The products are prepared and packaged by the Polyval foundation, active in reintegration.

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