Ultra Extra Pads Napkins - Long

4.50 CHF

Periodic protection without the plastics and perfumes usually found in conventional products. Completely free of plastic and chlorine, they contain no rayon, no latex, no chemical additives, no perfumes, and no dyes.

The eco-certified absorbent cellulose core holds menstrual flow to keep your skin dry, and the organic cotton top layer lets your skin breathe. Many gynecologists recommend Natracare for women with sensitive skin.

To be used during your period. Change pad regularly during the day.

Organic cotton, ecological cellulose, non-GMO starch, non-toxic glue.

Packaging: pouch made from vegetable starch (compostable on an industrial scale) and recycled cardboard.

Quantity: 8 pieces

  Quantity per serving

About the brand

Say "bye bye" to plastic, perfumes and chlorine... and choose this natural line of tampons, pads, panty liners and wipes, all made from organic cotton.

Your body deserves the best. These products are free of perfumes, chlorine, dyes and pesticides. They use only soft, natural, breathable materials designed for the sensitive skin of the intimate area.

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