Organic Swiss Maple Syrup (Rich Taste)

22 CHF

Harvested in the heart of the sugar season. Authentic, unprocessed and free from coloring or preservatives, it is ideal for replacing sugar in a natural way in everyday cooking.

Maple syrup is a source of 67 different antioxidants. It contains calcium, copper, riboflavin and manganese and contains only 110 calories per 30ml serving.

Maple syrup is a natural source of energy favored by many Canadian athletes. Used before sport, maple products are absorbed and metabolized quickly providing energy. Used during sport, they allow muscles to continue to function in high performance situations. Used after sport, thanks to the inherent presence of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, they support muscle recovery.

Happy Maple Switzerland cares about the environment. Their producer only harvests the maple syrup once a year to give the trees enough time to recover.

Weight: 120 ml

Excellent in sweet AND savory dishes. Can be used raw or cooked. Easily replaces sugar in recipes.

100% pure maple syrup from Canada, grade A, single origin.

About the brand

A Swiss brand of 100% natural maple syrup, rich in antioxidants and naturally delicious.

High quality and 100% pure harvested in Canada, with no colorants or additives, the three tastes offer a wide range of flavors, from a light and creamy flavor profile to a strong and pronounced maple flavor. These maple syrups are purely natural products.

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