Snacks Dried Fruits - Mango, Almonds and Cashews

2.50 CHF

The softness of the mango blends perfectly with the crunchiness of the cashew nut and the almond. 

A real concentrate of proteins, vitamins and minerals and high in fiber, this snack will make you dance! 

Weight: 35g

To be enjoyed as a snack.

Mango 59%, sulfites, cashew nuts 21%, almonds 21%.

Portion of 34 g
  Quantity per serving
Calories 150kcal
Fibers 1,9g
Value 18,4g
Saturated fats 0.9g
Total fat 6,9g
Protein 3,1g
Sodium 0g
Sugars 9,5g

About the brand

Hoppbox snacks are prepared with only the best nutrient-rich ingredients such as whole nuts, fruits, seeds and only the best Swiss chocolate. 

The packaging is recyclable (cardboard and PET): Hoppbox works closely with Atelier Foyer Handicap in Switzerland, where all snacks are hand packed!

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