Organic Tampons With Applicator - Regular

5.90 CHF

Fully biodegradable and plastic-free, these applicator pads do not contain phthalates that could be absorbed by the skin. They also do not contribute to global plastic pollution!

An organic cotton tampon that gently absorbs menstrual flow to help you better manage your period. We don't add a plastic or synthetic coating like most synthetic viscose or cotton tampons, because we only use long-staple cotton. These synthetic coatings are added to prevent fiber breakdown, but this is not an issue with Natracare tampons.

Your vagina is both sensitive and absorbent. Natracare guarantees no perfumes, dyes or toxic pesticides, and of course... these products are always designed without plastics!

Composition: 100% organic cotton

Simply twist the applicator slightly to release the pad, push it in and voila.

100% organic cotton

Packaging: biodegradable cardboard applicator, paper and recycled cardboard.

Absorption capacity: 6-9g

Quantity: 16 pieces

  Quantity per serving

About the brand

Say "bye bye" to plastic, perfumes and chlorine... and choose this natural line of tampons, pads, panty liners and wipes, all made from organic cotton.

Your body deserves the best. These products are free of perfumes, chlorine, dyes and pesticides. They use only soft, natural, breathable materials designed for the sensitive skin of the intimate area.

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