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Apple SnacksApple Snacks
Lausanne Kefir with VerbenaLausanne Kefir with Verbena
Strawberry Apple SnacksStrawberry Apple Snacks
Organic Grape JuiceOrganic Grape Juice
Organic Apple and Pear JuiceOrganic Apple and Pear Juice
Apple and Pear Snacks with CardamomApple and Pear Snacks with Cardamom
Lausanne Kefir with Apple and PearLausanne Kefir with Apple and Pear
Organic Apple and Mint JuiceOrganic Apple and Mint Juice
Blackberry JamBlackberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
9.50 CHF
Organic Puffed Wheat with HoneyOrganic Puffed Wheat with Honey
Apple and Blueberry SnacksApple and Blueberry Snacks
Muesli `` Three Flakes ''Muesli `` Three Flakes ''
Organic Tomato JuiceOrganic Tomato Juice
Apple and Blackcurrant SnacksApple and Blackcurrant Snacks
Lausanne Kefir with VerbenaLausanne Kefir with Verbena
Organic Dried Apple ChipsOrganic Dried Apple Chips
Lausanne Kefir with VerbenaLausanne Kefir with Verbena
Organic Red Wine VinegarOrganic Red Wine Vinegar
Organic ChickpeasOrganic Chickpeas
`` Good morning '' infusion`` Good morning '' infusion
Organic bulgurOrganic bulgur
Organic bulgur
4.80 CHF
Garlic Mashed Dried TomatoesGarlic Mashed Dried Tomatoes
Organic green lentilsOrganic green lentils
Precious Cleansing Oil with EdelweissPrecious Cleansing Oil with Edelweiss
White Fir Body ScrubWhite Fir Body Scrub
Hand creamHand cream
Hand cream
25 CHF
Raspberry Artisanal JamRaspberry Artisanal Jam
Apricot Artisanal JamApricot Artisanal Jam
Edelweiss Lip BalmEdelweiss Lip Balm
Organic Spelled TagliatelleOrganic Spelled Tagliatelle
Organic Spelled Macaroni PastaOrganic Spelled Macaroni Pasta
Pasta from Esize 380Pasta from Esize 380
Casarecce pastaCasarecce pasta
Casarecce pasta
10.90 CHF
Large Grain Mustard ChasselasLarge Grain Mustard Chasselas
Bear's Garlic MustardBear's Garlic Mustard
Organic Evening InfusionOrganic Evening Infusion
Quince Artisanal JellyQuince Artisanal Jelly
Organic Wholemeal Sarasin FlourOrganic Wholemeal Sarasin Flour
Organic Whole Wheat FlourOrganic Whole Wheat Flour
Organic Wholemeal Spelled FlourOrganic Wholemeal Spelled Flour
Swiss Light Strawberry JamSwiss Light Strawberry Jam
Artisanal Prune JamArtisanal Prune Jam
Mara des Bois Artisanal JamMara des Bois Artisanal Jam
Organic Dried Shiitake MushroomsOrganic Dried Shiitake Mushrooms